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七选五.A garden that’s just right for youHave you ever v

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A garden that’s just right for you

Have you ever visited a garden that seemed just right for you, where the atmosphere of the garden appeared to total more than the sum(总和) of its parts? 1. . But it doesn’t happen by accident. It starts with looking inside yourself and understanding who you are with respect to the natural world and how you approach the gardening process.


Some people may think that a garden is no more than plants, flowers, patterns and masses of color. Others are concerned about using gardening methods that require less water and fewer fertilizers(肥料). 3. . However, there are a number of other reasons that might explain why you want to garden. One of them comes from our earliest years.

●Recall(回忆)your childhood memories

Our model of what a garden should be often goes back to childhood. Grandma’s rose garden and Dad’s vegetable garden might be good or bad, but that’s not what’s important. 4. —how being in those gardens made us feel. If you’d like to build a powerful bond with your garden, start by taking some time to recall the gardens of your youth. 5. then go outside and work out a plan to translate your childhood memories into your grown-up garden. Have fun.

A. Know why you garden

B. Find a good place for your own garden

C. It’s our experience of the garden that matters

D. It’s delightful to see so many beautiful flowers

E. Still others may simply enjoy being outdoors and close to plants

F. You can produce that kind of magical quality in your own garden, too

G. For each of those gardens, writer down the strongest memory you have

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    科目:高中英语 来源:2016届高二英语人教版必修五单元质量评估(五)英语试卷 (解析版) 题型:阅读理解


    Most teenagers in the United States spend their time trying to make time for school,family and friends.But some choose bigger goals.

    At age 15,Winter Vinecki has already had more successes than most people have in their lifetime.“I recently completed a marathon on all seven continents and became the youngest person in the world to do so.And I was really doing this for my dad.”

    Doctors discovered that Winter's father had a rare and deadly form of prostate(前列腺)cancer when she was nine years old.Then he died 10 months later.“When he was first diagnosed(诊断)with prostate cancer I immediately knew I had to do something to help him.That's when I formed Team Winter for prostate cancer research and awareness.”

    Through Team Winter and social media,Winter Vinecki has raised almost 500,000 dollars.She has taken prostate cancer education worldwide through foot races called marathons,on seven continents.In the United States she travels continually to talk about prostate cancer and urge others to act.

    Winter Vinecki attended a conference recently in Los Angeles,California and spoke at the conference as one of several teenagers who spoke about young people who were living extraordinary lives.

    “So prostate cancer is much more common but men don't want to talk about it.So that is why a ten-year-old girl had to go out there and start talking about it for them.”

    Another speaker was Jack Andraka who invented a sensor which is not as expensive as traditional equipment that can't be afforded by most common people.It can identify cancers of the pancreas(胰腺)and lungs.He was 15 at the time.

    Jack is now 17 and seeking patents(专利)for his latest inventions.He has developed low-cost water quality equipment which can help identify and remove heavy metals and poisonous chemicals from water.

    “I hope to see them used in the developing nations such as Bangladesh and parts of China and India,especially as well as in parts of Africa,where these heavy metal and pesticides(农药) and other kinds of waste are a major problem.”

    1.We can learn that Winter Vinecki's father died ______.

    A.about 5 years ago

    B.not long ago this year

    C.only 10 months ago

    D.when she was about 15

    2.Winter Vinecki took part in marathons mainly to ________.

    A.try to realize her father's last wish

    B.receive education about prostate cancer

    C.spread knowledge of prostate cancer

    D.raise money for patients with cancer

    3.From what Winter Vinecki said at the conference,it can be inferred that ________.

    A.it's more proper for children to talk about prostate cancer

    B.she had to do what others didn't want to do after her father died

    C.most people don't know prostate cancer because it is a rare disease

    D.several teenagers there supported her by speaking about prostate cancer

    4.What do you know about Jack Andraka's new invention?

    A.It was invented when he was 15.

    B.It is widely used in developing countries.

    C.It is designed to make polluted water cleaner.

    D.It is under improvement because it costs too much.


    科目:高中英语 来源:2017届高考英语一轮总复习题型重组专题练6英语试卷(解析版) 题型:阅读理解


    While astronauts in space get to do many exciting things, they miss out on ordinary things that we all take for granted—being able to walk on firm ground, hanging out with family and digging into a slice of hot steaming pizza. Though not much can be done about the first two things, there may soon be a solution to the third one, thanks to this cool 3?D pizza printer!

    About a year ago, NASA offered $125,000 to Anjan Contractor, a 3?D technology expert,to build a device(设备) that would allow astronauts to make pizza on demand. The mechanical engineer promised that his invention would produce pies in large quantities that looked, tasted and even smelled like pizza made in common ovens.

    Late last year, the engineer presented a video of his first prototype(原型) that begins by creating a single slice of dough(面团) that is cooked and printed at the same time. Then comes the tomato “sauce”—a mix of tomato powder, oil and water and finally, a protein slice that resembles cheese. While the video doesn't show the baking process, the inventor says that once the pizza is printed, it can be ready to be consumed in 7 seconds.

    While the pie in the video looks delicious enough to attract any pizza lover, Anjan Contractor is far from ready for astronauts. That's because he still has to find a solution to make the food container in the printer last for 30 years. Though that may sound unrealistic, actually it is not.

    Anjan Contractor believes that the only way that is possible is that the water is removed from all the ingredients (配料) and then they are reduced to the powder form. This, as you can imagine, will not be so easy.But, while the printer may not be ready for space, it certainly looks ready enough for people on earth.Hopefully, NASA and Contractor will consider selling it to those not fortunate enough to go to Mars!

    1.Why does the author mention the things that astronauts in space cannot do?

    A.To ask us not to take common things for granted.

    B.To show they live a difficult life there.

    C.To show their life is boring in space.

    D.To introduce the topic of the text.

    2.NASA offered $125,000 to Anjan Contractor mainly to ________.

    A.create some new type of 3?D printer

    B.attract more companies to work for NASA

    C.help astronauts in space enjoy fresh pizza one day

    D.produce pizza in large quantities to earn great profits

    3.The biggest challenge that Anjan Contractor is faced with now is probably that ________.

    A.he has no money left to go on with his research

    B.the pizza doesn't seem appetizing to pizza lovers

    C.he has no way to make pizza that can last forthirty years

    D.he cannot make the food container last for decades

    4.What's the best title of the passage?

    A.NASA is trying its best to help astronauts eat better

    B.Astronauts may soon be able to enjoy steaming hot pizza

    C.NASA is working on making pizza for common people

    D.A 3?D pizza printer has been used to make pizza


    科目:高中英语 来源:2015-2016学年考前阅读、完型与写作之七选五阅读专项训练英语试卷(解析版) 题型:七选五


    It is good to make mistakes, and here's why.

    1. It's always good to try new things because when you are trying new things you are growing. If you never try anything new, how can you improve, bow can you expand, and how can you innovate? The simple answer is “You can't”. 2. With very few exceptions, everything you see in your physical world is The result of someone trying something new. Every single detail of every single thing is the result of someone trying something new. The chair you're sitting on; the fabric on the chair; the pattern on the fabric on the chair; the dye in the pattern on the fabric on the chair are all the direct result of someone trying something new.

    3._Consider this: Edison failed l0 000 times before he perfected the light bulb. When asked how it felt to fail that many times, he remarked that he hadn't failed t0 00~ times, but rather had learned I0 000

    things that didn't work.

    Finally, when you make a mistake you are that much closer to success. Why?

    Because when all is said and done, you will have tried some finite number of things before you succeed.

    4. _

    _5._ Quite the contrary, when you try something new you have to be willing to set some reasonable limits so that, in the event that it doesn't work out the way you want it to, you will be in a position to try again.

    There is an old axiom that goes, “if you're not making mistakes, you're not trying hard enough.”

    So go forth and make mistakes, and learn, and grow, and prosper.

    A. Look around you.

    B. First of all, mistakes are a clear sign that you are trying new things.

    C. Every time you made a mistake you eliminated one of those things and are one step closer.

    D. Another good thing about mistakes is this: when you are making mistakes, you are learning.

    E. But this all doesn't mean that you should forge ahead with disregard for the consequences of a mistake.

    F. Only by embracing and using your mistakes in this way can you make significant advances in your business and your career.

    G. Can you imagine how many mistakes were made before all of these individual materials and components were perfected and then assembled into the automobiles we know today?


    科目:高中英语 来源:2015-2016学年考前阅读、完型与写作之七选五阅读专项训练英语试卷(解析版) 题型:七选五


    In spite of so many years of education behind us, can we confidently say we understand what it feels like to be a teacher?

    The biggest misunderstanding about teaching jobs is that anyone can be a teacher. In fact, the truth is far from it. 1. They also know the teaching theory well. They should know how things should be taught and how one can be inspired to learn. Also, they need to have an idea about classroom management and students’ psychology(心理学).

    Now it can be really annoying for a teacher if someone says teaching is one of the easiest jobs around, because everyone just needs to be taught for a few hours a day. 2. However, teachers work longer to come up with ways to make the knowledge appear more interesting to students and help them learn better.

    3. And this is a big reason why more people decide to choose teaching as a career. However, good teachers choose to make good use of the break, by enrolling(注册) themselves for workshops on teaching, classroom management, and related things.

    All teachers are not the same, as against what is widely believed. 4. Every teacher is different and has a different approach(方法) to teaching.

    5. A teacher has meetings to attend, and is responsible for(对……负责) organizing school events. An important duty of a teacher is to prepare the progress report of each student and discuss it with his or her parents.

    In a word, teachers ought to be respected for what they do, and we should never forget their great contribution(贡献) to our success in life.

    A. A teacher has many things to do rather than just teach.

    B. It is true that teachers get a lot more holidays than others.

    C. A good teacher is one who motivates students to overcome challenges.

    D. To begin with, teachers are people who perform well in their fields of study.

    E. A statement that is true for one teacher is not necessarily true for the others.

    F. And common people even believe teachers are probably overpaid when their days end at 3 pm.

    G. These teachers give all they can to create an ideal learning environment for their students.


    科目:高中英语 来源:2015-2016学年考前阅读、完型与写作之短文改错命题揭秘英语试卷(解析版) 题型:短文改错


    It is Mother’s Day today.Though it’s a western festival, it’s popular in China now.

    Mom has a full-time job,so she has to do most of the houseworks.She is a great mother.Both Dad or I planned to do something on Mother’s Day.We get up early in the morning.Dad cleaned the house,and then went on shopping.When he came back,I found a bunch of flowers in her hand.I asked Mom to stay in the sitting room and I cooked in kitchen.The dishes what I cooked were Mom’s favoritiest.At dinner,we said to her,“Happy Mother’s Day!”Mom was grateful and moving.


    科目:高中英语 来源:2016-2016考前阅读、完型与写作之短文改错专项训练英语试卷(解析版) 题型:短文改错


    It is known to us, a growing outbreak of H1N1 flu has been sparked in many countries. An increasing number of cases are reported every day.

    It’s thought that H1N1 flu spread in the same way that regular seasonal influenza viruses do, that is, spreading from person-to-person, mainly through the coughs and sneezes of people who are sick with virus.

    Faced with this severe disease, here are some everyday measure we should take to stay healthy. First, cover your nose and mouth by a tissue when you cough or sneeze. Wash your hands often with soap and water, especial after you cough or sneeze. Avoid touch your eyes, nose or mouth. Germs spread that way. If you get sick, stay home from work and school and limit contact with others to keep from infecting them.

    Finally, H1N1 flu is not a terribly deadly disease, which is curable. So, don’t be nervous and just keep calm as usually.


    科目:高中英语 来源:2015-2016学年考前阅读、完型与写作之阅读理解专项训练英语试卷(解析版) 题型:阅读理解


    About 21,000 young people in 17 American states do not attend classes in school buildings.

    Instead,they receive their elementary and high school education by working at home on computers.The Center for Education Reform says the United States has 67 public “cyberschools.” and that is about twice as many as two years ago.

    The money for students to attend a cyberschool comes from the governments of the states where they live.Some educators say cyberschools receive money that should support traditional public schools.They also say it is difficult to know if students are learning well.

    Other educators praise this new form of education for letting students work at their own speed.These people say cyberschools help students who were unhappy or unsuccessful in traditional schools.They say learning at home by computer ends long bus rides for children who live far from school.

    Whatever the judgement of cyberschools,they are getting more and more popular.For example,a new cyberschool called Commonwealth Connections Academy will take in students this fall.It will serve children in the state of Pennsylvania from ages five through thirteen.

    Children get free equipment for their online education.This includes a computer,a printer,books and technical services.Parents and students talk with teachers by telephone or by sending emails through their computers when necessary.

    Students at cyberschools usually do not know one another.But 56 such students who finished studies at Western Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School recently met for the first time.They were guests of honor at their graduation.

    1.What do we know from the text about students of a cyberschool?

    A.They have to take long bus rides to school.

    B.They study at home rather than in classrooms.

    C.They receive money from traditional public schools.

    D.They do well in traditional school programs.

    2.What is a problem with cyberschools?

    A.Their equipment costs a lot of money.

    B.They get little support from the state government.

    C.It is hard to know students' progress in learning.

    D.The students find it hard to make friends.

    3.Cyberschools are getting popular became _______.

    A.they are less expensive for students

    B.their students can work at their own speed

    C.their graduates are more successful in society

    D.they serve students in a wider age range

    4.We can infer that the author of the text is _______.

    A.unprejudiced in his description of cyberschools

    B.excited about the future of cyberschools

    C.doubtful about the quality of cyberschoois

    D.disappointed at the development of cyberschools


    科目:高中英语 来源:2017届江苏省高三暑期考试英语试卷(解析版) 题型:单项填空

    If anything should happen, the nearest person he could contact by radio , _____ there was a ship nearby, would be on an island 885 miles away.

    A. until B. when C. once D. unless

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