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troops.是什么意思 troops.在线翻译 troops.什么意思

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1. In prepared testimony to a Senate committee, Gates said the Bush administration sought the money for more training and equipment for the US military, including new armoured vehicles that give extra protection to troops against bomb blasts.

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2. But the south contain full military preparation, own a material and train all more excellent troops.

3. I have directed our military commanders to make every preparation to use decisive force, if necessary, to maintain order and to protect our troops.

4. I thanked the troops and personally delivered a birthday present to a colonel whose wife had charged me with the duty when I stopped in Aviano.

5. Then, on January 12, I flew overnight to the U. S. Air Force base in Aviano, Italy, that had been the center of our NATO air operations over Bosnia, where I boarded one of our new C-17 transport planes for the flight to Taszar Air Base in Hungary, from which our troops were deploying into Bosnia.
随后,在1月12日,我连夜飞到意大利阿维亚诺的美国空军基地,那是北约对波斯尼亚空中行动的指挥中心,在那里我登上一架新的 C-17运输飞机前往我们在匈牙利的塔萨尔空军基地,我们的军队就是从那里派往波斯尼亚的。

6. According to a preliminary inspection, the bomb was an aerial one dropped by invading Japanese troops about 70 years ago but didn't explode.

7. According to a preliminary inspection, the bomb was an aerial one dropped by invading japanese troops about 70 years ago but didnt explode.

8. In 1989 in Beijing, Chinese troops and tanks killed hundreds and possibly thousands of demonstrators in the crack-down of the pro-democracy movement.

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9. There was no immediate comment from Chinese officials about the reported beating. In 1989 in Beijing, Chinese troops and tanks killed hundreds and possibly thousands of demonstrators in the crack-down of the pro-democracy movement.

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10. All the key points in the Desert were held by our troops.

11. troops.

11. A narrow gorge or pass that restricts lateral movement, as of troops.

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12. Both Tibetan and Han troops are put under the command of officers sent by the central government.

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13. American and Canadian troops took back 8 from another German invasion.

14. He said the reductions are possible because his decision to send additional troops earlier this year has improved security.

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15. When others wanted to retreat in defeat from the field of battle, when Barack Obama was voting to cut off funding for our troops on the ground, John McCain had the courage to stand against the tide of public opinion and support the surge, and because of that, today, our troops are at last beginning to come home, not in failure, but in honor!

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16. In the sino-French war over Vietnam, the black banner regiment completely routed the French troops out of Vietnam but the qing government was so corrupt and afraid of western power, that it signed a treaty with the French drawing their troops out of Vietnam anyway.

17. Simon son of Zhuzhao guo an Seoul who led his troops in battle Shu-chuan, kung granted with the Road Houseba du 1000010000; An Zhu Seoul Sun, cherry step son of Lu led his troops in battle together Sichuan, Yunnan, granted Yigong Daru House 10000 Yunnan red flowers.

18. But did not last long, Hideyoshi died, Tokugawa Ieyasu continued to rule, but the regime is unstable, the world is chaos again. 1600, rebel vassal state sent troops across the original Toyotomi retainers Ishida Mitsunari, directly at Tokugawa Ieyasu, known to history as the original co-relations battle.

19. On Jan. 7, 2007, an AC-130 struck an isolated fishing village near the Kenyan border, and within hours, American commandos and Ethiopian troops were examining the rubble to determine whether any Qaeda operatives had been killed

20. The only way to save lives is to bring our troops home.

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